Flexible Payment Plan

The NV Payment Plan

You might be in the middle of buying a home, planning a family, or preparing for a dream holiday and the timing might not be quite right to pop the question.

With the NV Payment Plan, you can reserve and secure the sapphire for a AU$500 deposit and pay the remaining balance in either 2, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

NV Payment Plan Options

AU$500 Deposit
2 ~ 12 Monthly Payments
The NV Payment Plan
Flexible Payment Options

We’ll reserve your engagement ring while you pay interest free instalments and ship the ring the moment you have paid the last one.

Choose Your Ring

We’ll reserve your sapphire and ring design aside to ensure it doesn’t get sold out while you clear the balance.

Choose Frequency

Click the reserve now button and choose to clear the balance in 2 – 12 monthly interest free instalments.

Pay the Deposit

Begin with a $500 deposit of your ring price, then auto pay the remaining balance split over your desired length of time.

Pay the Balance

We’ll begin manufacturing once 50% of the balance is paid, and ship the ring as soon as the balance is paid in full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my sapphire or ring design mid way through the payment plan?
Yes, any design or sapphire changes can be made until we begin manufacturing the ring. We begin manufacturing the ring once 50% of the balance is cleared. Once we are about to begin manufacturing, we will be in touch to confirm your original design, sapphire and the ring size, and once you’re happy we will begin manufacturing.
Can I pay in instalments?
Yes, we offer an easy interest free payment plan for all engagement rings. This service is currently unavailable for wedding bands, however if you are purchasing an engagement ring & wedding band together and wish to put both on a payment plan please contact one of our friendly consultants to arrange this for you at [email protected].
Is there a Minimum Order Value for the NV Payment Plan?
Yes, the minimum order value to be eligible for the NV Payment Plan is AU$3,200.
Is the NV Payment Plan available in my country?
Yes, we offer the NV Payment Plan globally.
Can I have multiple pieces on a single payment plan?
Of course! Simply get in touch with our design consultants on [email protected], who will be more than happy to arrange this for you.
What are the available time frames for payments?

Currently we offer a 2, 3, 6, 9 or 12 month time frame for interest free instalments. When your payment plan is set up, your AU$500 deposit acts as an additional month of payment, i.e.,if we set up a payment plan on January 1st, you will pay your AU$500 deposit on January 1st and then on February 1st you will begin the 2, 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly payments. These monthly payments will be an even split of the remaining balance, i.e., if your ring total is AU$5,000, you will pay an initial $500 deposit, followed by 6 monthly payments of AU$750 (AU$4,500 ÷ 6 payments = AU $750).

The date of auto payments is based on the day you pay the initial deposit, e.g. if you paid the deposit on the 8th of a month, the subsequent payments will be taken out on the 08th of each month until the item is paid in full.

Will I have to manually pay every month for each instalment?
No, instalment payments will be automatically taken monthly from the payment method you used while paying towards the deposit. To ensure monthly payments are paid successfully, please ensure there are enough funds to cover the instalment. In case you would like to change the payment method or alter the payment plan duration, feel free to get in touch with our consultant and they’ll help you out.
If I pay off my payment plan early, will my piece be shipped straight away?

If you pay off your payment plan early you may not receive the item straight away as it could still be in manufacturing. We will begin manufacturing your ring once 50% of your payment plan has been paid, and this process takes approx 4 weeks. We will keep you up to date on the manufacturing status of your ring once it is in production, and do everything we can to ship your ring to you as quickly as possible once your balance has been paid in full.

If you have a specific timeline for your ring and proposal, please reach out to our design consultants at [email protected] to discuss this prior to purchase.

Can I cancel my payment plan?

Yes, if you begin your plan and later decide you wish to cancel it, you will be eligible for a full refund if canceled within 60 days of starting your plan. If the plan is cancelled past the 60 days, a AU$350.00 restocking fee will apply.

Once you have received your item, we also offer a 60 days refund or exchange on all online orders, as well as a 60 days exchange on made to order items. Please refer to our return/exchange policy here.

When will the order be shipped?
Your item will be shipped approximately 14 working days after your final payment has been received. We will be in touch and confirm our shipping timeline once your order is ready and on it’s way to you.